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Test The Water.

We're not just about catching waves – we're about making them. And we make them through how we approach the sport and lifestyle we love. For us, surfing is more than a pastime; it's an act of self-expression.

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We are not a traditional surf shop. We exist to give you a better way to experience the water, bringing together quality products, education and community in one place.

You have the power to create your own experiences on the water. Yes, through the products that help you get out on it. But also through becoming part of a meaningful community of authentic, likeminded people. 

And that's where we come in.

Test The Water.

Our Brands

We're not about the usual suspects. We dive deep, sifting through brands, partnering only with those who ride the same waves as us. Quality? Non-negotiable. Eco-conscious? Absolutely. Every brand gets the Green Overhead test run – if we wouldn't use it, it's not making the cut.

a different take on sales motivation

1 board sold, 1 extra hour

Here at Green Overhead, every time we sell a board, we spin our magic wheel & whichever staff member it lands on, gets to take an hour off work to do something they love. You're probably not interested, but if you are, here is what we get up to.

The Boss


Dan likes to tell us that because he is the boss, he doesn't need to sell a board to take an hour off. For that reason, he is off to the Maldives at the end of May and leaving us to hold down the fort - lucky sod.

Second in command


Jono recently took a couple of hours with his dog to head down to Bantham for a surf & to do some light promotion of his new dog treat company - The Clever Dog. Feel free to buy some treats, but not too many... we don't want him to leave.

Son of Dan


Jack's last couple of hours off were spent tinkering with his brand new second hand 1989 Golf. He definitely needs to get selling some boards as the Golf needs more than a couple of hours of work spent on it.

Son of dan


Will has recently found himself obsessed with the world of watches. He spent his last free hour testing different straps on his Seiko. We'll put it here so we don't have to keep repeating it - 'No Will, we're not stocking Nato straps'.