NS Surfboards

NS Surfboards have been shaping surfboards since 1973 - they are the longest running surfboard factory in the UK.

It began when Cornish surfer Nigel Semmens (18-year old English Junior Champion at the time), took a surf trip to Hawaii. After realising, his board didn’t cut the mustard competitively, Nigel learnt how to shape at the Ocean Magic factory under the guidance of Pete McAllum. His skills flourished and he quickly became a competent and well-respected shaper. After 2 years, Nigel took over the factory and developed his own NS Surfboards brand, producing progressive, high-performance shapes. He’s since worked with some of the world’s top surfboard shapers. 

Honest, down to earth, friendly and approachable, Nigel works with you to get you on the right board. Whether you’re a beginner moving on from a foamie or you’ve been shredding for years, his approach is guaranteed to put the fun back into your surfing and help push your own boundaries.

No trends, no fashion, just good quality surfboards.