Beyond Keel 5'25 Ultraglass Futures Twin Fin Set - Extra Large

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A modern adaption of the classic Gephart reference design for the Steve Lis fish board, the Beyond Keel 5'25 Ultraglass twin fins are a refined remake with less base and more rake than the traditional fin, and are designed with modern fish shapes in mind. A classic 5.25″ high design with “flat” inside foils. 

Beyond Keel template fibreglass Twin sets are manufactured with a precision foil in multi-coloured layups of layers of a quality, pure fibreglass – to fit Futures boxes. Engineered to exacting standards for tunable flex surfboards to provide a variable stiffness fin for drive and transition through a wide range of manoeuvres. Beyond Ultraglass fins are designed to provide planned flex patterns from tip to base for all surfing situations. Fibreglass fins provide feel and zap and are still the choice of many surfers.

Fin Specs:

  • Size: 5.25"
  • Fins in set: 2
  • Material: Ultraglass

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