Dakine Foil Leash Coil

Dakine Foil Leash Coil

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These hollow leashes are perfect for foil surfing or wing foiling. These leashes float, which prevents them from getting caught around the foil. It also comes with three movable EVA floats to keep the end of the leash from sinking and getting wrapped on the foil. These leashes are good up to 8' swell and feature a removable neoprene cuff. Replace the cuff with the Dura-cord line, and it attaches perfectly to our wing waist leash. It comes in 7' Strait and 7' coil options. 


· Intended for use in small waves
· 1/4” [ 6.5mm ] Hollow urethane Dura-Cord
· EVA Float tubes
· 2” [ 50mm ] Soft neoprene cuff
· Opti-Flex leash ends
· 100% Marine grade stainless steel swivels
· Dakine easy clip compatible

7ft. x 1/4in.

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