Dark Arts x AIPA Dark Horse Surfboard

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The Dark Horse is the Quad version of the Dark Series that was developed in parallel with its brother The Dark Twinn (Twin Version). Designed as a high performance groveler, the Dark Horse and the Dark Twinn share an identical outline and core components for a majority of the design but shift the wing placements to engage the wing-to-fin relationship and accent how the board performs in that fin specific configuration. The Dark Horse combines Ben Aipa's Wing Twin template, used to make Dane Kealoha’s twins in the late 70’s and a 90's Swing Twin squash template that has been modified for today's surfer.

Featuring, Mid range rockers, lowered rail apex line, and staged bottom contour blending a roll from nose down into a single concave under forward foot, to double concave deepest between the forward fins, transitioning to a healthy amount of vee/double starting at the wing and blending out thru the tail. The Dark Horse is a lively and responsive board. Proven from Pismo Beach mush to juicy Hawaiian surf.

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