Dark Arts x AIPA The Ambassador Surfboard

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High performance/all arounder. For waist to double overhead waves. Developed for Kekoa Cazimero exclusively for construction in Dark Arts only. The board is adaptable from intermediate to professional level surfers

Features: Full/Lowered apex rail, roll-single-double to accentuated vee/double out the tail.

Designed to hold rail in powerful waves and keep control in critical sections, yet remain agile and nimble in smaller waves. Explodes in the pocket and drives through barrels.

"Kekoa wanted to combine specific feelings from 3 of his favorite boards into a single weapon he could confidently paddle out in almost any situation and have comfort that it would perform.” - Duke Aipa

"By incorporating the consistent technology of Dark Arts with the agility of The Dark Twinn, the rail CONTROL of The Bishop and the DRIVE of a top secret overhead barrel riding board (not to be named) that we developed for Pipeline.. we were able to create the perfect AMBASSADOR of design elements". - Kekoa Cazimero

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