Dark Arts x JT Dad Bod Surfboard

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    The DadBod is a condensed shortboard design based off of a design JT shaped in early 2000. This board is wider and thicker but has contemporary shortboard rails. Flatter entry rocker, double to single concave, and a wide tail help the DadBod excel in knee to head high waves, soft or punchy. One of our most versatile models considering its range. Ridden 4-6 inches smaller than your average shortboard, allows it to fit in tight places on a wave, while the extra float helps for engineering speed and enhancing paddle power.

    The Dad Bod helps maintain fun in less than ideal conditions while still being progressive in decent waves. A favorite of JT team rider Kyle Knox, who named the board for its diversity. It has become one of his mainstays for small to medium size days. The DadBod is always there for a good time!

    Great board for Beginner / Intermediate level surfers to take it to the next level and Advanced level surfers to maximize fun. The DadBod is made as a thruster, but all Dark Arts surfboards are customizable. The DadBod, combined with the Dark Arts vacuumed carbon attributes, flex-back, durability, and supreme weight, make this model a sure shot! 

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