Dark Arts x JT Deviled Egg Surfboard

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The Deviled Egg is a condensed, wider, shortboard design that has a shortened rail line for surfers who want performance in a tighter package. The Deviled Egg has a rounded nose to eliminate the undesired length and helps it be forgiving through turns. It’s width, thickness, and lower entry rocker in the front end also helps you through smaller waves. The way the front end helps your paddling, while not hindering your performance, makes it unique.The round tail is more pulled in than the nose which gives you more ability to hang in the pocket and throughout critical turns. It’s shortboard rails, combined with the single to double concave, keeps this board thoroughly engaged in good waves.

With the Deviled Egg’s five fin setup, we recommend riding it as a Thruster for better waves and a Quad for the smaller days, this board has one of the largest wave ranges in our lineup. 

For beginning surfers, riding this board in the larger sizes, it will help to transition down in length without compromising paddle or stability. For intermediate surfers, riding your normal volume, you will gain uncompromised wave range. And for advanced surfers, you will find a fun smaller wave board, good in tight spots, and whippy in the air. The Deviled Egg, combined with the Dark Arts vacuumed carbon attributes, flex-back, durability, and supreme weight, make this model a great all around board. 

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