Ex-Demo Dark Arts x JT JAWNT Surfboard | 6'8" | 21" | 3" | 42L | 5 Fin (Futures)

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Known as JT’s high performance speed egg, this sleek midlength outline, low rocker board with vee, allows you to take the wheel and fully engage with the wave. This is a great “all around” surfboard for beginner to advanced surfers. The tri-fin setup lends to added maneuverability, drive and control through turns so you can cover more face on the wave. The “JAWNT” has a refined foil for optimum paddling and is a nice option for longboarders for when the surf bumps up to head high-plus. Usually ridden a foot longer than you are tall.  Pair it with our new Dark Arts Futures Fins. 

 Please note that this board has been ridden a handful of times but is in excellent condition.

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