Ex-Display Alone 6'0 Thirteen EPS Surfboard

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Ex-Display Alone 6'0 Thirteen EPS Surfboard

This board is brand new, it hasn't even touched the water yet.

Bringing high performance to your surfing. The Alone Thirteen suits those small, unpredictable waves just as much as those clean peeling point breaks. The template of this board will fit in tiny pockets and will allow you to hit sections with everything you have got. Although wider, shorter and very different looking, this board will allow you to surf just like your normal shortboard in good waves. It has a wide outline and single to double concave.


  • Dimensions: 6'0 x 20 1/4" x 2 1/2" - 32.00 Litres
  • Recommended user: Intermediate / Advanced
  • Suitable Wave: 0-6 ft
  • Ideal Spot: Beach breaks / Point Breaks / Reef Breaks
  • Tail: Double hip squash tail / Round tail
  • Fin Setup: Futures
  • Fins Included: No

Comes with Dakine Tail Pad

Condition: Very Good.

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