FCS II Modern Keel PC Twin Fin Set - Extra Large

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Twins call for a little something special to work their magic, and the FCS II Modern Keel PC Twin Fin Set is the answer. This upright keel template was designed for twin fin boards and traditional fish shapes and allows the rider to make tight radius turns, quick pivots and instant redirection. Offering a sweeping, high surface area and a wider base than most conventional keels, the FCS II Modern Keel PC Twin Fins use their elongated shape for extra control and maximizing speed. Designed for traditional fish surfboards shapes the FCS II Modern Keel PC Twin Fin Set has a low aspect template which feels fast and loose with minimal drag. 


Fin Specs: Twin

  • Base:  4.61" / 117mm
  • Depth: 5.50" / 139mm
  • Area: 25.05"² / 16160mm²
  • Sweep: 39.0º
  • Foil: Flat with bevel on leading edge

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