Futures John John Florence Techflex Tri Fin Set Black / Neon Blue - Small

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The John John Florence (S) Techflex signature fin is a small sized Speed Controlling fin with a Ride Number of 4.0. This template is a scaled-down version of the Medium template that JJF rides exclusively. The Techflex construction and flat foil give this fin a stable feel, making it ideal for controlling speed in more powerful waves.

Techflex Construction:

Techflex is stiff like Fiberglass but lighter than Honeycomb. The ultimate in flat foiled fins, great for powerful surfers or powerful surf.

Fin Foil:

Flat foiled fins break free sooner, and are better at controlling speed. Often surfers prefer them in fast powerful surf where they do not need to create additional speed. If you have muscle memory from riding glass-ons, flat foiled fins will feel the closest.

Fin Specs:

  • Size: Small (approximate rider weight 47kg-70kg)
  • Fins in set: 3
  • Material: Techflex construction

Centre Fin:

  • Height: 4.42 in
  • Base: 4.32 in
  • Area: 14.10 sq in

Side Fins:

  • Height: 4.42 in
  • Base: 4.32 in
  • Area: 14.10 sq in

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