Gorilla Kyuss King Surf Tailpad - Grey Bolts-Gorilla Kyuss King Surf Tailpad - Grey Bolts-Green Overhead

Gorilla Kyuss King Surf Tailpad - Grey Bolts

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Represented by some of the most influential surfers in the world, Gorilla pads and accessories are positioned at the forefront of design, fashion and functionality. Gorilla use high-quality EVA foam to make a tail pad that offers incredible grip, is light-weight and does not absorb water. They use industrial grade adhesive to ensure Gorilla pads stay stuck to your board. Kyuss King's signature 2018 surfboard tail pad from Gorilla Grey Bolts with aqua Green highlights

Go Hard, Go Gorilla!


  • 3 Piece pad to allow you to increase or decrease the template as you wish
  • Aztec Groove - A multiple level grip which allows a sensitive grip dependant on the pressure placed on it by the surfer
  • Copperhead Arch - 3D tapered wedge designed to lock the foot into the back of the pad when hard turning. Also allows increased sensitivity when the foot is at the front of the pad for trimming. High-density foam.
  • Block Wedge - A steeper yet compact wedge to lock your foot in place. Tapered at the edges to reduce water drag.

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