Kids Skin SPF 50+ Organic SunScreen Lotion (125 ml)

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Perfect for kids! A handy 125 flexible and resealable tube of Kids Skin Spf 50+  sunscreen. Very high (5 star) UVA, UVB Broad Spectrum protection, Paraben free, РАВА free, non-allergenic, nano-particle free sunscreen cream. Made to the highest sunscreen standard in the world. Very water and very sweat resistant, non-sticky, non-stinging, long-lasting formula. Kids Skin ultra-performance highly water-resistant SPF 50+ sunscreen is specifically designed for kids outdoors in all weather conditions. No matter how much they swim or perspire, its non-greasy sweatproof formula won’t run into their eyes leaving them free to focus on what really matters – having fun in the sun!
  • Broad spectrum, UVA, UVB protection sun screen
  • Factor 50+ total security
  • Sweatproof Formula!  Doesn't run into your eyes
  • Non-greasy sunscreen, light and easy to apply
  • Massive 2+ hours of protection
  • Contains NZ Manuka Honey
  • Contains NO nanoparticles
  • Contains Aloe Vera

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