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Pyzel The Shadow PU Surfboard

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*PLEASE NOTE* - All custom Pyzel Surfboards are made to order with an approximate lead time of 3-4 weeks (PU construction) 4-6 weeks (EPS construction). These boards are fully customisable so if you would prefer something other than the standard dimensions shown or would like to add a custom spray to your order please head over to our custom builder or give us a call on 01803 659770.

The Pyzel Shadow is their new high-performance shortboard addition to the Ghost family and has quickly become a favorite among our team riders and friends.

For the 2018 Stab in the Dark project, they asked for a 5'10 1/2" board for a surfer who was 5'10" x 165 lbs (turned out to be Mick Fanning) for waves that were good but were not overly powerful. Jon wanted to make something fresh and new, but to start off with something that was tried and true. Knowing that the Pyzel Surfboards Phantom is a great board for those types of conditions he decided to start there and redesign it as a more refined, high-performance shortboard, while still keeping the added flow and glide that defines the Phantom.

The Pyzel Surfboards Shadow is designed to give you the advantages of a wider, forward outlined type of board but in a sleek, modern package. It features their version of a high-performance outline, but with the wide point at centre not behind.  Pyzel have pulled in the nose by almost a 1/2 inch and added some extra rocker through the last 12" in the nose to keep it free through critical turns. It has a gentle hip for looseness and the squash tail is pulled in to help tighten the turning radius and improve its vertical capabilities. The tail rocker and bottom concave remain nearly identical to the Pyzel Phantom, which has proven to work really well in everyday conditions in waves around the world.

The thickness flow, or foil, is different from most other high-performance shortboards, keeping the volume a little bit in front of the centre, but not overly exaggerated. This added foam under the chest area not only helps add paddle power, but it also gives you extra float under your front foot in slower sections which translates to more speed and flow.

We recommend riding the Pyzel Shadow about your height or an inch over, and in your favorite high-performance dimensions.


  • Recommended User: Intermediate / Advanced
  • Suitable Wave Height: 2-8 ft
  • Ideal Spot: Beach Breaks / Point Breaks / Reef Breaks
  • Tail: Squash
  • Fin Setup: FCS II or Futures available
  • Fins Included: No
  • Glassing: 4x4x4 (comes standard)
  • Fused Carbon Tail Patch

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