SmoothStar 34" Filipe Toledo #77

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The 34″ Toledo 77 model is perfect for surfers around the 5″6′ (167cm) to 6″ (182cm) in height.. It will hold rail turns without sliding out for surfers that are under 85kg. It has the deeper concave in the deck which provides more ability to hold the rail when carving. It shares the same concave as the 32.5″ and 35.5″ models.



Optimum Size              Deep Concave            Wheel Size                      Adult

The 34” Toledo #77 is the newest SmoothStar model for our Team Rider Filipe Toledo. While creating the 34” Toledo, Filipe was specific in the design process…and we delivered. The Toledo 34″ has a deeper concave in the deck and wider wheels at the back. Both of these features enable surfers to push harder through their turns and hold the rail without sliding out.

Then end result is surfers can practice much more powerful maneuvers, whilst maintaining looseness through critical turns. Filipe loved the idea of a black simplistic design. Together we worked on a mixture of black matt and black gloss which looks awesome. #77 is also Filipe's choice of competition jersey number.

Tech Specs
  • Weight - 4.1kg
  • Deck -  34” Matt Black
  • Deck Tail Width - 26cm
  • Bearings - ABEC 7
  • Trucks - Black Trucks
  • Thruster Type - Black SmoothStar Thruster


Why did SmoothStar create a second model for Felipe Toledo with the #77?

This is because Felipe Toledo was taking the wheels from the Manta Ray model and adding them to the 33" model. He was combining two different elements from two different SmoothStars so we thought we would create a new model which would reflect the extra growth that he would have. At the time, he was over-powering his 33" Holy Toledo as he had out-grown it in both weight and height.

Why are the back set of wheels larger than the front set of wheels?

This is because Felipe wanted to keep the looseness in the front where there is a medium wheel compared to a large wheel on the back. With the large wheel on the back, it means he has more hold and drive through his turns but it means he keeps the looseness by having a medium wheel on the front.

What is the significance of the #77 number design?

#77 is the number that Felipe wears on his WSL competitive jersey and puts on all other surf products including his surfboard and tail pad. It is also a religious number to do with the faith he has.

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