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Article: Alone not Lost....

Alone not Lost....

Finally a user friendly high performance surfboard brand has hit the UK!

Green Overhead are stoked to announce that they have the exclusivity to the hottest affordable high performance surfboard brand to hit the UK, Alone Surfboards!

Alone Surfboards originate from the heart of the Basque Country in Northern Spain. Located opposite the beach break of La Arena and a stones throw away from the world famous left hand drainer of Mundaka, they have been manufactured and produced by local surfers SindustrySurf. Since 2006, SindustrySurf have been providing stores, schools and rentals across the whole of Europe with the very best brands and products. As surfers themselves they know what riders are looking for and with no shortage of waves on their doorstep you know their products have been through rigorous testing. Years in development, the crew here at Green Overhead have been heavily involved behind the scenes with the guys from SindustrySurf to ensure that the shapes and designs are suitable for anything that the Atlantic Ocean decides to serve up!

The structure that the guys at SindustrySurf have at their base at La Arena is simply incredible, on first instances it appears like any other normal shop front however once inside you become engrossed in years of surfboard research and development, steeping back to when the Billabong Pro Mundaka was once one of the ASP World Tour stops.

If this isn't enough to get you frothing, their setup contains a fully kitted out gym with TV's for performance analysis as well as changing rooms and showering facilities that are open to all! This isn't the end of it though as you suddenly cast you eyes upon with what can be best described as a surfboard car about dropping your surfboard off and being able to collect it as and when it suits you to surf? surely the first of its kind anywhere? Pure genius as far as we are concerned!

Now that's enough about SindustrySurf themselves lets get onto the more pressuring issue...the Alone Surfboard range!

Years in the making, Alone are the most user friendly high performance surfboards on the market offering all the latest technology with a fusion flex epoxy construction and carbon fibre throughout. They use Bennett Dion foam systems which originate from Australia and all 3 models come with 5 Futures fin boxes.

Bringing high performance to your surfing. The Alone Thirteen suits those small, unpredictable waves just as much as those clean peeling point breaks. The template of this board will fit in tiny pockets and will allow you to hit sections with everything you have got. Although wider, shorter and very different looking, this board will allow you to surf just like your normal short board in good waves. It has a wide outline and single to double concave.

The Alone Raptor generates speed like no other, while still maintaining control, flow and breaks out when needed in the pocket. This board is designed for surfers who like to fly high above the lip and put pressure on their rails, there is no overpowering this board. Although a high performance board for the advanced rider, this board is also suited to intermediate riders who are seeking a high wave count as it has plenty of volume to paddle.

If you are wanting a 1 board quiver the Alone Captain is the one to steer your ship (sorry we couldn't resist with that pun!). The wide template in the nose helps you to catch every wave you paddle for, the round pin tail makes it easy to turn and enables you to surf on the rail. It comes with a deep single concave from the nose running to a double concave with V through the fins. We all know that finding a 1 board does it all is hard to find but we truly believe the Alone Captain will do it all, performing in both small mushy surf as well as clean point breaks. The Alone Captain is a dream of a surfboard and will prove to be your ultimate travel companion so jump onboard!

For any questions or queries regarding the Alone Surfboard range please do not hesitate to get in contact, 01803 659770, and one of our dynamic team will happily help.....that's if they aren't out surfing of course! 

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