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Get to know us

What We Do?

At Green Overhead we believe strongly in giving back and really putting our money where our mouth is. Have a read through this page to get an idea of some of the things we're doing to give back to the planet and the people that live on it - and how you can get involved too...

The Planet

9 Trees

While browsing you might have noticed us mention our collaboration with 9 Trees, they are a wonderful group of individuals working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of consumers around the UK. Their brand philosophy is based on the idea that the average person can balance out their own carbon footprint by simply planting 9 trees. We have pledged to plant a tree for every board that we sell, but if you're not in the market for a board but want to get involved, we have an option to add a tree to any order for just £5. If you want to learn more about them we have a full page dedicated to there mission, find that here!

The People

Sending Love To Ukraine

Back in March, after learning about the atrocities committed in Ukraine, team members Will & Dan got in touch with a group of individuals called 'Cornwall & Devon sending love to Ukraine'. They have been driving humanitarian aid to Poland since Russia invaded Ukraine back in early 2022. Fast forward to now, they have joined the SLTU team on 2 trips to Warsaw, funded by you - the Green Overhead customers. If you want to get involved we encourage visiting the teams website - Sending Love To Ukraine. On here you will find out how to give both physical donations for us to take to Poland or give monetary donations via their website or GoFundMe.

"We continue to be both inspired and heartbroken by the stories told to us by the Ukrainians we've met, and we will continue to make these trips for as long as we are needed." - Will