How to properly wax your surfboard...

Waxing a surfboard seems like it should be easy enough. Grab a bar of your favourite smelling Sticky Bumps Surf Wax, rub it up and down the deck of your board, then go shred . . . but it’s not exactly that simple.

There's something to be said about a good wax job and wanting the best traction possible, attention to detail is a must. So here at Green Overhead let us provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to wax your surfboard the right way and get that perfect wax job

1. Getting the right temperature wax. When it comes to selecting the right surfboard wax the first thing you should do is consider the temperature of the ocean where you are going to surfing. Most surf wax manufacturers produce tropical, warm, cool and cold water surf wax. These different temperatures will have a different effect, some will certainly feel hard and some will feel soft. If you use a cold water wax in the tropics it will quickly turn into liquid and melt straight off your board. If you use a tropical wax in the cold you will be lucky to even get it on your board it's that hard. It is super important to know your water temperature and pick your wax accordingly to get the best traction possible.

2. Start with a clean board: Old dirty, brown wax is just going to smear and make your fresh wax ugly. Grab a Sticky Bumps wax comb scrap off all that old wax and then grab an old rag and some of your finest elbow grease and give it a rub to restore the board back to life. Plus, a clean board will make for a more even wax coat that will stay uninformed longer.

3. Use a base coat: Again, not all surf wax is created equally. A lot of wax manufacturers make what is called a “base coat” wax, which is generally harder and forms small bumps for the top layer of wax to adhere to. Give your surfboard a quick layer of base coat. Think of it as the foundation you’re going to build on.

4. Apply gently: It seems like everyone has their own technique when it comes to applying surf wax. Some people rub their wax in small circles, others go with geometric lines, and then there are those that just start rubbing and let chaos do its work. But one constant is that the wax should always be applied gently. Pressing too hard is going to cause the wax to smear. You want to rub the wax up and down the deck soft enough so that it starts to form small little bumps. The bumps will offer better traction and grip when you’re up and shredding.

5. The final touch: To add a little extra traction, some wax manufacturers have started making extra sticky wax. It’s meant to be applied sparingly and only where you place your feet. It only takes a couple rubs with this super sticky wax to make a difference to your wax job.

6. Give it a quick comb: This step isn’t for everyone, but if you’re not dealing with a brand new coat of wax sometimes running a comb over the deck of the board will help rough things up and make older wax sticky again. Grab one of the Ocean & Earth flex wax combs and away you go.

Sticky Bumps surf wax is ready to order right now here at Green Overhead. Simply click here to view the full range or if you would prefer to talk to someone who loves a good wax job please feel free to give us a call on 01803 659770 and speak to one of our experts.