Surfboard terms explained...

It's very easy to get lost amongst all the terms used when talking about a surfboard without actually knowing what any of them mean. This week's blog from the Green Overhead crew offers a bit more insight into the technical knowledge of a surfboard and how the key features will effect the way a board will perform.....

Rocker: The bottom curve of your board, running from nose to tail. The more curve you have, the slower, but easier to turn (loose) it will be. A straighter rocker will be faster but harder to turn (tight).

The Outline Curve: Will create a looser board, a straight outline will yield a tighter ride. Boards are designed for different types of waves by combining the outline & the rocker curves to produce the most speed and manoeuvrability possible.

Concave: Is the term for the contour running across the bottom of your board from side to side. Concave helps create speed by creating pressure & lift under your board as water is pushed though & across the bottom. You will often find some double concave between the fins of a board, helping to break that area into two surfaces, keeping the board loose. A little bit of Vee (reverse concave) off the tail of a board can help to relive some pressure in hard turns, making boards a bit more user-friendly & easier to handle.

Removable Fins: Give you the opportunity to change the way your board rides in different conditions. Keep in mind that if you want more drive and speed, you will need fins that are bigger with more rake & a longer base to push off, but have less flex throughout. If you want fins that offer enhanced characteristics, you will need to look for fins that are smaller (less area), have less rake (more upright), narrower at the base, and more flexible.

Hopefully these surfboard terms have given you a little bit more knowledge about the features of a surfbaord and what each one does and the way it will perform in the water. Remember that here at Green Overhead we are all surfers so will more than happily talk you through everything should you have any questions.

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See you in the lineup :)