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Article: Who are Next Surfboards?

Who are Next Surfboards?

This is the name on everyones lips as this fresh new brand have just hit UK shores!

Green Overhead are stoked to announce that they have the exclusivity to the Next Surfboard brand for the UK market so it only makes sense for us to tell you a bit more about where they have come from and what type of surfboards they have within their range......

Next Surfboards
originate from the heart of the Basque Country in Northern Spain. Located opposite the beach break of La Arena and a stones throw away from the world famous left hand drainer of Mundaka, they have been manufactured and produced by local surfers SindustrySurf. Since 2006, SindustrySurf have been providing stores, schools and rentals across the whole of Europe with the very best brands and products. As surfers themselves they know what riders are looking for and with no shortage of waves on their doorstep you know their products have been through rigorous testing. Years in development, the crew here at Green Overhead have been heavily involved behind the scenes with the guys from SindustrySurf to ensure that the shapes and designs are suitable for anything that the Atlantic Ocean decides to serve up!

The structure that the guys at SindustrySurf have at their base at La Arena is simply incredible, on first instances it appears like any other normal shop front however once inside you become engrossed in years of surfboard research and development, steeping back to when the Billabong Pro Mundaka was once one of the ASP World Tour stops.

If this isn't enough to get you frothing, their setup contains a fully kitted out gym with TV's for performance analysis as well as changing rooms and showering facilities that are open to all! This isn't the end of it though as you suddenly cast you eyes upon with what can be best described as a surfboard car about dropping your surfboard off and being able to collect it as and when it suits you to surf? surely the first of its kind anywhere? Pure genius as far as we are concerned!

Now that's enough about SindustrySurf themselves lets get onto the more pressuring issue...the Next Surfboard range!

The most crucial feature that was sustained through the whole development and production process of the Next Surfboard range was to make boards that were super user friendly to increase rider wave count. The entire range, even the more performance orientated models, have enough float and volume to catch even the smallest of ripples, we know because we have tried these in 1ft slop!
The Flow Mini Mal and Easy Rider models have been produced with 3 clear characteristics in mind: flotation, paddle and manoeuvrability. Essentially designed for riders that are coming off soft boards and seeking their first PU surfboard these models focus particularly on having fun, catching heaps of waves and developing a 'beginner' up to an 'intermediate' rider. 
The Dead Fish, Scooter and Stub XTR models are certainly the more performance orientated models within the Next Surfboard range and are suited for those more 'intermediate' and 'advanced' riders. Although they are all slightly different in shape, the core focus of these models is to offer responsive performance shortboards at an affordable price. With a variation of concaves and rockers between them they will still allow you to catch knee high waves due to the volume on offer whilst still handling anything up to head high and over in even the most of testing conditions....we know because we tried these at Mundaka in a storm!
For any questions or queries regarding the Next Surfboard range please do not hesitate to get in contact, 01803 659770, and one of our dynamic team will happily help.....that's if they aren't out surfing of course! Whats your Next Surfboard?

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