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Over two decades of experience

Cabrinha have been crafting the Rolls Royce of kitesurfing kit since 1999. They are a huge name in the game and we're excited to present their newest 04 range. We appreciate that for a new comer to the sport all the gear and all of the models, hopefully this page will guide you in the right direction.


Navigating the models


Material evolution is moving at an incredible rate. As a team of designers, we now have so many items on the menu to help you find what is the best for you.This graph will show you the where you'd like to be depending on which discipline you'd like to go for. For example, if you want an all rounder - the switchblade is the one for you. If you're looking for of a chill vibe, the drifter is for you.


Wing Overview

04 Wings

In high winds the stability of the designs and careful materials implementation allows for increased range, more control and if it’s your thing, jump heights never seen before in this sport. In the lighter winds, the light wind specific sizes, as well as dedicated light wind boards have opened up the boundaries we faced before, and now allow us to get out and have fun in any location there is a breath of wind. These, our 5th generation wing products are a true testament to the Design Works development team. Wing surfing is a sport on its own at Cabrinha. With a dedicated designer focused only on wing products, we have been able to drive innovation and evolution forward at speed.


The Foil


From the early pioneer days of tow foiling at Jaws, Cabrinha has been involved in each step of the foiling revolution. With the introduction of Wingsurfing, the foil has never found such a perfect match and the Cabrinha design team have worked industriously to set a new benchmark in foil design with the Cab Fusion System.

Thanks to the future proof new modular design which allows for complete customisation, there are multiple options for you, no matter what kind of board you choose to ride and whatever power source you choose to get you up and flying.


Choosing the right board

Foil Boards

The foil board is more than just a platform, it’s an interface. The place
that translates the power of the wing to the foil. The vessel that allows you to rise up off the ocean, and maneuver through the wind with ease. This year marks the biggest change to the foilboard range. Our new all carbon construction opens up the door to lower weights and stiff direct response. The all new tail shapes mark a step away from the old sharp cutouts, to a smoother more progressive outline that is not only hydro-dynamic, but also aerodynamic. Finally the introduction of the Swift board, brings us into a whole new
era of wingfoiling. No matter what your style or foiling discipline, the 04 Cabrinha foil range will have you covered.


Choosing the right board


The holy grail has always been for a lightweight, durable but flexible board. The Design Works team have been working hard on an all new technology to bring this feeling we all desire. Introducing IsoFlex technology. Inspired by nature from the oceanic Isopoda family, strategically placed materials, fused within a lightweight fiberglass sandwich construction, allow the board to flex during riding and turns, but still remain durable for the rigors that kiting imposes.
No kiteboards in the industry will give you this level of performance and durability. Whether carving on a wave, or loading for a strapless trick, this is the construction
that will get you to the next level.


Choosing the right board


Kitesurfing is all about expression. From the way we ride, to the places we ride, to even what we ride, it’s all a personal choice.

The board you choose is the ultimate way to express yourself, and this Cabrinha twin tip collection gives you the tools to paint your own canvas on the water.

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