Packing Essentials for a Surf Trip

You’re all booked and now the time has come to pack your bags for the trip of a lifetime! But a Surf trip is different to just any ordinary holiday – there are so many more things to keep in mind. Here at Green Overhead, we want to save you all the trouble of forgetting some of those key essentials and want to give you our best tips and tricks to make packing for your trip as easy as possible.


  1. Passport
  2. Airline Tickets
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Visa
  5. Cash / Credit Cards
  6. Accommodation details
  7. Transfer / Transport information

Without these essentials, you won't even make it onto the plane or to your destination let alone being able to buy a few beers after an epic day in the water with your mates!


  1. Boards - If you’re on a short trip and know the surf forecast in advance you could select a single board which is right for the conditions. However, if you’re away for a longer trip 3 surfboards is a good balance, 1st would be your go-to everyday board like a Pyzel Sure Thing, 2nd something a bit longer for bigger days like the Pyzel Ghost and 3rd a shorter wider fun board like the Pyzel Gremlin for the smaller mellower days.
  2. A Travel Board Bag - For a single board the FCS Flight All Purpose Surfboard Bag is a great option with the 10mm padding. For more serious trips with more boards the FCS Triple All Purpose Coffin Bag with wheels is the way to go. Extra bubble wrap is always a good thing as your boards will get abused by airline baggage handlers!
  3. Fins - At least one extra set. Fins can snap off or you can try a different set out to change the feel of your board.
  4. Leashes - Always worth taking at least a spare. A thinner 5mm leash is handy for the smaller days and a thicker back up for the bigger days.
  5. Wax - A block or two of your favourite sticky bumps wax is essential. Make sure you have the right temp wax for your trip as well!
  6. Earplugs - Coldwater, water born pollution and disease can all damage your hearing so don't forget your Seki earplugs.
  7. Wetsuit - Chose the right thickness for the locations you’re going to surf. If you’re going somewhere cold anything below 10°C water temp a 5mm wetsuit paired with hood and gloves are a must. For tropical trips, a rash vest or 1mm neoprene vest are handy for sun protection or fending off windchill on breezy days plus a pair of the Rip Curl reefer booties for walking out across sharp rocks or coral reef. 
  8. Ding Repair - Our go to is the Ocean & Earth Solacure resin which is a fibre filled suncure resin that is available for either PU or Epoxy boards. Alternatively, the FCS All Tech Putty is a perfect solution for small dings and quick repair work. We would also recommend chucking in a small roll of duct tape as it can be used to fix almost anything :)

 Travel Gear:

  1. Dry bag - These are really useful on surf trips to keep all of your kit dry especially on a boat.
  2. Rucksack - Really useful for day trips to the beach.
  3. Towel - The best all-around option is the Rip Curl Poncho Towel. It can be used after showering or surfing as a standard towel but also be used to change under in public. 
  4. Electronics - Take a socket adapter for overseas trips, check that your phone provider offers data roaming if going overseas so you can make calls, keep an eye on the forecast and brag to all your mates just how good the surf is! Headphones are great for listening to music or watching movies during long waits at airports/on flights/on bus journeys etc.
  5. Cameras - A camera is a must even if it’s just a good one on a smartphone. GoPro's can capture awesome underwater images and are perfect for point of view shots of yourself in the water or taking shots of your mates ripping (plus they are small and light).
  6. Snorkel and Mask - Ideal for those flat days or to use during some downtime exploring the reefs.
  7. Clear Plastic Bags - Although not eco-friendly they are a must have these days for any air travel for keeping liquids which you’re carrying separated from your luggage, as they will need to be scanned at security. They also come in handy when you come home to stick your wet stinking boardies in that you have been wearing all week.

Medical Health:

  1. Sunblock – For everyday usage, in and out of the water we would recommend the Surfers Skin SPF 30+. The Surfers Skin SPF 30+ Zinc Stick is also worth chucking in your bag to prevent chapped lips and burnt ears and noses.
  2. Surf Hat - For those less fortunate, the FCS Wet Bucket Surf Hat is crucial in the water as sunstroke is a real possibility when the temperate hits midday.
  3. First Aid Kit - A no-brainer really especially for overseas trips and even more so for developing countries. 
  4. Medication - Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Malaria tablets are always useful to have on you. Check with your local doctor to see if you need any vaccinations before you go, this will depend on your final destination.

Final Advice:

  1. Don’t over pack – you think you might need all those extra clothes but chances are they’ll never get used. Travelling lighter is better.
  2. Respect - Be considerate to the locals and show some respect when paddling out into a lineup. A big smile goes a long way :)

Here at Green Overhead we love to travel on surf trips so if you would prefer to talk to one of our travel experts please feel free to give us a call on 01803 659770 so we can help in the best possible way.