FCS All Round Essential Leash - Black

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The new FCS Essential Series leashes have been developed to coordinate with the rest of the FCS range of bags, fins and tail pads. New All Round Essentials FCS surfboard leash with a 7mm tough Urethane cord. Double super smooth swivels to reduce tangles.

  • 7mm Tough Urethane Cord - ideal for everyday use in normal conditions (2 to 8ft).
  • Double super smooth Stainless Steel swivels to reduce tangles.
  • Contoured horn conforms to the ankle shape.
  • In cuff Silicone grip to prevent twisting on the ankle.
  • Extra strength moulded velcro.
  • Hypalon pull tab for easy release.
  • Extended over mould (lengthened horn) to reduce tangles.
  • Tough detachable rail saver - wider than average to avoid board damage.

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