FCS II Channel Islands PC Black Tri Retail Fin Set

Colour: Black

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Colour: Black

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The original CI fin is designed to be surfed with boards that you'd surf in bigger, better open face waves, this new CI Upright fin has a higher rate of return and responsiveness, this means it’s great for beach breaks and smaller waves where we you need to generate speed quickly. This Channel Islands collab fin is designed for maximising speed and executing tight turns. The original, highly raked CI fin is more suited to classic down-the-line thrust and drawn out turns, the reality is that for most of us we're surfing smaller, weaker waves that need quicker turns to generate and maintain speed, and a fin that allows for more pivot, the CI Upright fin fills that gap.


- Fin Specs: Medium (approximate rider weight 65-80kg)

- Base: 4.39" / 111mm
- Depth: 4.58" / 116mm
- Area: 15.28"² / 9860mm²
- Sweep: 33.7º
- Foil: Flat

- Fin Specs: Large (approximate rider weight 75-90kg)
- Base: 4.50" / 114mm
- Depth: 4.70" / 119mm
- Area: 16.06"² / 10360mm²

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