FCS II Power Twin PG Twin Fin Set - Extra Large

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Designed in collaboration with Harley Ingleby for use on his asymmetric twin model. The FCS II Power Twin is the highest area twin set in the FCS range; as a result, can be pushed harder through turns. It has a moderate sweep (rake), full tip and longer base which delivers incredible drive and speed. The lower depth value maintains manoeuvrability and looseness off the top and through turns. Its versatility means it can be paired with a variety of stabilisers to add control. Recommended for fish, funboard and twin fin boards.


- Fin Specs: Twin

- Base: 5. 26" / 1 34mm
- Depth: 5. 35" / 1 36mm
- Area: 21. 44"² / 13 853mm²
- Sweep: 3 2. 7º
- Foil: Flat

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