Pyzel Padillac PU Surfboard

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As the name implies, the Padillac was built to paddle fast and easily. It has extra thickness and a fuller outline throughout the entire board compared to most standard guns. This allows you to catch and ride bigger waves with ease, and most of all, with confidence.

The Padillac is the board John John Florence rode to victory in the 2016 Eddie contest. Billy Kemper also won the 2015 and 2016 Jaws contest riding this model and Mark Healey won the Billabong 2014 XXL Biggest Paddle Award for a wave he rode on the Padillac.

The Padillac has a clean, continious flowing rocker. The light vee bottom with double concaves gives you speed and quick turning ability, while still maintaining control in heavy waves. The Padillac is available as a quad only which works best in this design for both speed and maneuverability.

Common sizes range between 6'10 and 10'5. This model was designed for deeper water waves like Sunset, Cloudbreak, Puerto Escondido, Ocean Beach, or anywhere else that gets BIG and HEAVY. It is also a great choice for bigger surfers looking for a controlled, easy feel in all types of waves.

If you're not quite ready to tackle waves as big as those mentioned above, but want a step up for when the waves are firing around home or on a trip to Indo, check out the Pyzel Tank.

  • Recommended User: Intermediate / Advanced / Professional
  • Suitable Wave Height: 6-20 ft
  • Tail: Squash
  • Fin Setup: FCS II or Futures available
  • Fins Included: No

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