Pyzel Phantom XL PU Surfboard

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The Phantom XL has been beefed up to suit people who require a little more volume.

The Phantom XL is a squashed down version of the Ghost, souped-up, with added volume, great for your everyday sessions in less than epic conditions.

We left the same Ghost rocker but added more single concave to flatten it out through the centre, which helps to create speed and flow without taking away from the overall performance or feel of the original design.

We added width in the tail and nose to create a more parallel, fuller outline that helps you maintain speed through slower sections and tight turns.

The rails are full but not chunky, giving you more floatation and speed without taking away the sensitivity that we all love in our boards.

The Phantom XL is best in waist-high to slightly overhead waves of all types. It's your daily driver with a high-performance edge!

      • Recommended User: Intermediate / Advanced / Professional
      • Suitable Wave Height: 2-7 ft
      • Ideal Spot: Beach Breaks / Point Breaks / Reef Breaks
      • Tail: Squash
      • Fin Setup: FCS II or Futures available
      • Fins Included: No
      • Glassing: 4x4x4 (comes standard)
      • Fused Carbon Tail Patch

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