Dakine Cyclone 2 Wing - Deep Lake

Colour: Deep lake

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Colour: Deep lake

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Experience pure excitment with the CYCLONE 2, the ultimate wing designed for those who value the lightest feeling possible and maximum stability in all conditions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the CYCLONE 2's instant power and neutral balance make it a fantastic wing for all riders.

We've improved the power distribution and balanced it perfectly to prevent arm fatigue, so you can focus on riding the waves. The shorter wing span improves ease of use and makes the CYCLONE 2 a fantastic wing for wave riding. Our new panel layout and exclusive design have improved its stability and durability, and our S-shaped strut ensures a connected feel and reduces canopy flutter

The CYCLONE 2's two ridged handles located in crucial spots allow for perfect balance and easy transitions, while its medium dihedral and low weight make it exceptionally intuitive to ride. Experience the improved features of simplicity, comfort, and stability that make the CYCLONE 2 the perfect wing for riding in low winds.

Available in sizes 2.7, 3.7, 4.2, 5, 6, and 7m, the CYCLONE 2 V.2 has something for every need. The smallest size is specifically designed for high winds and lightweight riders to learn and enjoy the sport. Our high dihedral and full center section airfoil provides upwind stability and increases low-end power to help you get up and going with minimal effort.

The Cyclone 2 range features progressive tip twist as sizing increases, ensuring sheeting remains relative and responsive no matter what size wing you ride. The smallest sizes excel in high winds due to the reactive sheeting, while the largest 7m is designed for light wind conditions to get you out on the water when others are stuck on the beach.


- Molded handles for rider direct wing control.
- Extended front handle for one hand control.
- Centered Draft for easy handling.
- S-Shaped Strut creates a more ergonomic handle positions.
- Reduced wingspan from tip to tip for easy rotations.
- Perfectly balanced for wave riding, light and holds a neutral position allowing you to focus on wave riding
- Perfect horizontally placed windows give you a clear view of your surrounding.
- Single Inflate/Deflate Valve.
- Additional Center strut deflate valve.

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The 2nd Generation Of Cyclone Wing


  1. 1. TPU window with center load seam for increased visibility.
  2. 2. Ergonomic widespan handle layout for micro adjustment/trim.
  3. 3. Increased centre diameter to the leading edge, as well as a progressive taper provides not only improved stiffness, but also increased canopy tension.
  4. 4. Sprint Inflate Valve.

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