Big Ding

Established in 2011 by lifelong friends, Toa and Felix, Big Ding is a surfboard repair brand grown between the destroying walls of the inglorious river wave Eisbach in Munich. Everybody who has surfed this spot knows how often surfboards get dings from the rough stone walls. Big Ding was the answer to the needs of local Eisbach surfers which is a big community.

Tao and Felix started assembling the first Big Ding surfboard repair kits in a garage. Although it was sudatory work, it was loads of fun. They never started this project to earn big money, but rather to build a product by themselves. It’s more a heartfelt wish than a business. However, they are glad that today the production and logistics are outsourced. They are extremely proud that their products are not sourced in China or other low-wage countries, but are assembled 100% in Germany. They work together with Caritas, a social factory in which handicapped people get jobs for packaging. They are surely no samaritans, but they try to do what they do with passion and social responsibility.

Today Big Ding is well known throughout Europe and is one of the leading surfboard ding repair brands.